Finally a true pokemon radar !
Finally a true PokeRadar !

See all the pokemons around you and follow the directions to reach them. You will never miss any pokemon again !

Have you ever been pissed off by the in-game radar not giving you enough information to catch the rare pokemon that is somewhere near your position ? Well, that's history. Now, it's easy : just follow the direction.

Note: Google does not want this app on the Play Store. So, we distribute it on our own. If you are on Android, just click the link below to install the app.

RadarGO has been terminated due to permanent Niantic ban.
We do not plan to come back.

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Current version: 7.0.0 (APK 700) - Release date: 2016/11/18

Latest changes:

  • - Working with new game version
Art director
Art director
Sound design